Programming software

ConText The New Boston Excellent series of free tutorials on most web languages.
Context editor Freeware php text editor with highlight inserts for other languages such as MySql
W3Schools Free online lessons in all web languages incl css/asp/html/php/MySql etc
XAMPP Freeware very easy installer of Apache/php/MySql so you can use your home pc as a server.
flash player Freeware easy to install web site flash mp3 player.
php manual php manual of everything; the universe and life as we know it.
Spybot Spybot-Seach and destroy. First rate free anti malware/spyware software

For hosting and domain names, this is who I use. They're good.

What is?

HTML Hypertext Markup Language. The 'display' language of your web pages with user interaction.
CSS Cascading Style Sheets. Allows alteration and styles to be applied to many pages using just one css page.
PHP PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. Programming language that allows server side processing.
ASP Active Server Pages. Powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.
Javascript The most popular scripting language.
MYSQL My Sequential Language. Language used to access databases.