Folk music & dance Description
MKAMC Workshops in guitar, fiddle and penny whistle.
MK Sessions A list of up to date clubs & sessions in Milton Keynes.
Folkspot Internet folk radio with Jane Knights and Dave Cooper.
The Folk Show Every Monday night 9 -11pm on FM & online, with Terry Ferdinand.
Contemplator Very comprehensive traditional lyric site incl Child Ballads
Folk and Roots A comprehesive UK list of clubs, festivals, workshops etc.
Old Mother Redcaps Womens Morris side.
Stony Steppers Traditional English Clog Step Dancing.
Rose & Castle Morris Men's North West clog Morris side.
Woadworks Morris A mixed Border Morris side who also dabble in Molly.
Owlswick Morris A lively and hard-working Cotswold side based in Twyford near Buckingham
Queens Oak A women’s morris side from Potterspury in Northamptonshire,
Royal Oak Morris Based in the village Eydon in Northamptonshire with dances from the Cotswold villages.
Shore Tars Rapper Perform traditional sword dance from the North East of England.
Nadger's History of England I'll let you decide about this one!
Tappalachian Essentially a solo freestyle dance, it's now a successful team and performance dance form since the 1930s
UK Folk Festivals A UK wide list of festivals.
Musictrad tv Besides the first DADGAD of Pidgeon on the gate, there is some excellent international folk music.
Ballad Tree Quoted descriptions of the meaning of the word 'Folk' which is well summarised but lacks accuracy.
EFDSS The English Folk Dance and Song Society. A vast library of early recorded and transcribed music.
8 Check this out for music - even O'Neils collection is there in midi and score.
Comhaltas archive A phenomenal collection of recorded early Irish musicians and a wealth of tunes.
Traditional music A vast wealth of international songs and tunes with a superb midi & score section on session tunes. The site includes a full volume set of Child Ballads.
Folkopedia.efdss Looks as though it could be a very useful site though I haven't explored it yet.
Fiddlers companion This is one I need to look into further too. It could have potential.
22 Studio A local (Leighton Buzzard) recording studio with reasonable prices and good equipment.
The Song Loft One of the longest running clibs in the area with an exceptionally high standard of performance.
Instruments etc
Rod Ward Maker of Violins, Violas and Cellos & bow re-hairs.
Newport Music A wide range of acoustic, folk, celtic musical instruments & accessories.
Milton Keynes Music Local supplier of instruments and sheet music.
Signet Music Local instrument supplier.
Perfect Pitch Local acoustic instrument supplier and repairer.
John Timpany Folk guitar fingerstyle tuition, folk fiddle tuition.
Guitar, fiddle, whistle. For beginners upwards. MK Acoustic Music Center