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Track 1.  Where the Wild Wall Barley Grows /Allie Cain's Rant
While on Tour in the 60's & 70's I noticed how many bomb sites there were around Northumberland, and that the only thing that seemed to grow on these was Wild or Wall Barley; the grass that kids pull the head off & throw at friends and it would stick to their jumpers.
Allie Cain is a charming and friendly young lady living on the Isle of Man. We met whilst our morris side was on a dance tour back in 2011, and Allie and I sat and chatted into the early hours in the boys common room of the local school where we were staying.

Track 2.  Tom Schonfeld
Tom was a caretaker for Honeywell Computers when I worked there as a computer engineer.
I liked the name so much that after reading Terry Coleman's book 'The Railway Navvies' and I began to write songs around their culture, I used his name for the main character in the song.

Track 3.  Romany Rye .
Another song about Romanies written 30 plus years ago. I intended many of these songs to be part of a roadshow, so the style of this one fitted the theme at the time.

Track 4.  Daunse Voirrey/ Wireless Ridge .
Daunse Voirrey translates from the Manx to 'Val's Dance'. A dear friend who is also Manx and the choreographer for Old Mother Redcaps.
I wrote Wireless Ridge out of respect for the soldiers who took part in the battle for the Falklands Isles there.

Track 5.  Loco Whistle .
I felt the need to write about the railway navvies from the perspective of the wife left behind, as the labourer turned navvy followers the higher pay and the next stretch of line.
The song had lain dormant waiting for a female voice to sing it, and this was the first song that Janice Miller & I worked on. Her singing is exactly what I had been hoping for, and the whole arrangement satisfied a 35 year dream.
Thank you Janice.

Track 6.  Unknown Shore.(arr Timpany/Miller)
A poem written by Elizabeth Clark Hardy (1849-1929) in Winsconsin USA. She was a well known poetess and her poem has been read at the funerals of two presidents.
Having been moved by the poem I found a tune came to my mind, and it fits beautifully with Janice Miller's emotive singing.

Track 7.  Car ny Ferrishyn/ Car ny Rankee
Two Manx tunes for dance. The first means Faerie Dance and the second Dance of the Stranger but the stranger is assumed to be a Frenchman since the French weren't too popular on the Island at one time.

Track 8.  The Burning Stuble Fields .
An engimatic love song which I wrote in the 70's for a lost friend.

Track 9.  The Seeds of Love
The first song collected by Cecil Sharp when he overheard his gardener singing it.
It's written in flower symbolism which we still use today without realising.
Red rose is love, violet: modesty, lily: virtue, pink (carnation): courtesy, rue: regret/rue, thyme: chastity.
The gardener in the song is also the singer's conscience.

Track 10.  Miller's Hornpipe
Written as a 'thank you' for all the hard work put in by my friend Janice Miller.